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Enterovirus D68: What Every Parent Should Know

Parents should be prepared for a new virus that is infecting the Midwest and looking to sweep the nation.


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Life-Threatening Enterovirus Confirmed In Colorado

A respiratory virus is getting hundreds of children sick across the Midwest and has now been confirmed in Colorado.


Dr. Tod Olin and Auvion Cobb (credit: CBS)

Local Doctor Teaches Asthmatic Children How To Treat Themselves

If your child has trouble catching their breath when catching a ball or doing other activities, one local doctor is working on a solution.


A cutting-edge asthma inhaler is helping doctors create a more accurate treatment plan for those with asthma. (credit: CBS)

High-Tech Asthma Inhaler Helps Track Triggers, Attacks

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects 25 million adults and eight million children in the U.S. A cutting-edge asthma inhaler is helping doctors create a more accurate treatment plan that pins down a patient’s location and possible triggers around them.


An Asthma Drug That Permanently Stunts Growth?

All asthma medications can have side effects, but one in particular has one that is permanent: stunted growth. Dr. Dave Hnida has more on a new study.


Kyle Laubenstein practices his breathing at National Jewish Health (credit: CBS)

Colorado Researchers Hope ‘Biofeedback’ Can Control Asthma

Can patients be trained to control their asthma? That’s what researchers are studying at National Jewish Health in Denver.


Sasha Franzel (credit: CBS)

Parents Of CSU Student Suspect Asthma Attack Killed Her

The parents of a Colorado State University sophomore who died suddenly over the weekend believe a medical condition was to blame.


An asthma toolkit workbook from National Jewish Health (credit: CBS)

National Jewish Health Improves Care Of Low Income Patients With Asthma

Doctors and nurses at National Jewish Health are improving the care of low income patients with asthma.


Zumante Lucero (credit: CBS)

Mother Files Lawsuit, Says Bureaucracy Led To Son’s Death

A Denver mother is fighting for justice for the boy she lost two years ago.


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Texts Remind Asthma Patients To Take Medication

Doctors at National Jewish Health are hoping that text messaging will get young asthma patients to do a better job of taking their medications. The idea is to reach adolescents in the way they like to communicate.




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