Marijuana Symposium Draws Attention From World GovernmentsMarijuana regulation and laws created in Colorado after the passing of Amendment 64 are the focus for hundreds of government representatives from around the world.
Denver Releases Photos With Aim To Limit Grow OperationsDenver is cracking down on unlicensed marijuana grow operations which include collective grow facilities for recreational use, and also medical marijuana users and their caregivers.
Denver Looks To Crack Down On Unlicensed Marijuana GrowsDenver is looking to crack down on medical marijuana grow operations, according to a news release the city plans to issue on Tuesday that was obtained by CBS4.
Ordinance Would Ban Denverites From Making Hash Oil At HomeDenver city leaders will consider this week whether to make it against the law to make hash oil at home, a process that can lead to explosive results.
Denver Considering Ban On Certain Kinds Of Hash Oil ExtractionThe City of Denver is considering banning hash oil extraction after the method of making hash has proved dangerous with several explosions and numerous injuries.
Mayor’s Tickets For Sold Out Shows, Concerts Dished Off To Staff, Contributors & InsidersFree tickets to concerts and shows provided to Mayor Michael Hancock’s office intended to be used for business development and marketing have been going to his inner circle, staff members, cabinet members and friends since Hancock took office, according to a CBS4 investigation.
Deputy Fired Over Excessive Force ReinstatedThe Denver Sheriff's Department has been ordered to reinstate a deputy who was fired over what the sheriff's department and the manager of safety viewed as a case of excessive force and lying.
Denver's Manager Of Safety ResignsDenver's Manager of Safety has resigned after six months on the job. During that time, Charles Garcia fired eight Denver police officers for lying or excessive force.