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Animal Cruelty

Matthew Weatherspoon (credit: Denver District Attorney)

Man Convicted For Stabbing Bulldog Back Behind Bars

Matthew Weatherspoon was sentenced to probation Nov. 9 after he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.


Ryan Matthews (credit: Off Leash Dog Training)

Loveland Dog Trainer Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty

A Loveland dog trainer has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.


Holiday Christie (credit: Larimer County Sheriff)

Woman Facing Cruelty Charges Wants Animals Back

A woman facing animal cruelty charges is expected in court and she wants her animals back.


Holiday Christie (credit: Larimer County Sheriff)

Supporters Try To Raise Bail Money For Animal Abuse Suspect

A judge in Northern Colorado has refused to lower the bond for a woman charged with animal cruelty for allegedly moving her pets in a hot U-Haul trailer.



Man Denies He Was Beating His Dog

His neighbors say they saw him beat his dog, but the dog owner says they were only playing. Kenneth Loris was arrested, accused of cruelty to animals.


Holiday Christie (credit: Larimer County Sheriff)

Woman Arrested After Returning For Animals

A woman who jumped bail after she was arrested on charges of animal cruelty has been arrested by Fort Collins police after she returned to get her animals back.


Ryan Matthews (credit: Off Leash Dog Training)

Loveland Dog Trainer Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

A high profile northern Colorado dog trainer is accused of being cruel to animals. So far police aren’t saying much about the details of the case.


Copter4 flew over the scene in Arvada where an investigation into animal cruelty was under way on Thursday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

Animal Cruelty Case Involving Rabbits Investigated In Arvada

Investigators are looking into a report of animal cruelty involving rabbits in Arvada at 75th and Alkire.


William Sawyer (credit: Boulder Sheriff)

Man Allegedly Beat Pit Bull, Then Threw It At Car

A Boulder man is facing animal cruelty charges after witnesses say he beat his dog.


Diamond in June (credit: CBS)

Man Accused Of Slashing Puppy’s Face

A 6-month-old puppy is in an animal hospital after a man slashed its face when he claimed the dog bit him.