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Ammunition Magazines

An ammunition magazine from Magpul (credit: CBS)

Bill To Repeal Ammo Magazine Limits Rejected

Democrats rejected a Republican attempt to repeal restrictions on the size of ammunition magazines in Colorado.


An ammunition magazine from Magpul (credit: CBS)

Repeal Of Colorado Ammo Magazine Limits Up For Vote

A bill to repeal last year’s restrictions on the size of ammunition magazines in Colorado is up for a vote.


Colorado State Capitol (credit: CBS)

Colorado GOP Attempts Repeal Of Ammo Magazine Limits

Gun-rights advocates who want to see a repeal of Colorado’s limits on the size of ammunition magazines realize their chances are slim when they go before Democrat-controlled committees next week.



Wyoming Board Considers Incentives Package For Colorado Company

The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board has approved $13 million in grants to help a Colorado producer of ammunition magazines for guns move its manufacturing operations to Wyoming.


Magazines (credit: CBS)

Denver Judge Won’t Block Colorado Gun Magazine Law

A federal judge in Denver has refused to block a new Colorado state law that limits the size of ammunition magazines.


Colorado State Capitol (credit: CBS)

10 New Laws Taking Effect In Colorado

This part of summer is a time for patriotism. It’s also the time new state laws go into effect across the nation.


(credit: CBS)

State Gun Laws Take Effect As Debate Continues

New limits on ammunition magazines and universal background check requirements take effect in Colorado on Monday, even as county sheriffs fight to overturn the signature pieces of state Democrats’ gun control legislation.


An ammunition magazine from Magpul (credit: CBS)

Ammunition Magazine Maker Begins Process Of Leaving Colorado

A company that makes ammunition magazines that will be banned under law says it’s moving forward with plans to leave Colorado.