Alfonso Carrillo

Alfonso Carrillo (credit: CBS)

Man Gets 14 Years In Prison In ‘Stolen Homes’ Case

A man was sentenced Friday to a long prison term in a case CBS4 has called “Stolen Homes.” CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger exposed the problem more than two years ago.


Alfonso Carrillo (credit: CBS)

Stolen Homes Trial Begins In Denver District Court

An unusual trial began this week in Denver court in which a man and his wife are accused of taking over vacant homes and selling them to unsuspecting buyers.


Alfonso Carrillo (credit: Denver DA)

Man Suspected Of Stealing, Reselling Homes Freed From Jail

A man charged with stealing homes that are vacant or under foreclosure and then reselling them has been freed from jail.


Maria Carrillo (credit: Denver District Attorney's Office)

Woman Accused Of Taking Homes In Foreclosure Appears In Court

A woman accused of taking part in a plan to take over homes under foreclosure and then sell them to others has appeared in court.


Maria Carrillo (credit: Denver District Attorney's Office)

Woman Charged In Illegal Home Occupation Case

Another person is now charged in a case involving families prevented from getting into their own homes.


The Donovans back in their home (credit: CBS)

Family Finally Back Home After Strangers Leave Their House

A family is finally back in their home in Littleton after strangers who had been living there finally moved out.


Alfonso Carrillo (credit: Denver DA)

Man Accused Of Stealing Homes Will Face A Judge

A man accused of stealing homes for profit will face a judge. Alfonso Carrillo is in police custody.


Alfonso Carrillo (credit: Denver DA)

Man Accused Of Selling Homes Owned By Others Indicted

A man accused of repeatedly taking over homes he doesn’t own, then selling or renting them to others, has been indicted by a grand jury.


Troy Donovan stands in front of his home. (credit: CBS)

Squatters Remain In Littleton Home Despite Judge’s Ruling

Two weeks ago a judge ruled in favor of the Donovan family, giving squatters just two days to leave their home. Since then, the squatters have filed a flurry of legal paperwork and have managed to stave off an eviction slated for this week.


(credit: CBS)

Arraignment Date Set For Man Accused Of Selling Foreclosed Homes

An arraignment date has been set for a second person charged in an alleged scheme to occupy homes under foreclosure in Colorado. The homes remain occupied or are sometimes sold or rented.




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