'Tis The Season For Fever PhobiaIt's the time of year when fevers are rampant. How do you react when your child runs a temperature? CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida has some tips.
Is Tylenol A Worthless Medication?Acetaminophen -- which is the active ingredient in Tylenol -- is the most popular pain reliever in the world. Yet a new study says that the drug is not effective at relieving pain, and people who take it are wasting their time and money, CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports.
Study Finds Acetaminophen Use By Pregnant Women Could Cause ADHDA new study found that pregnant women who take a common, over-the-counter pain reliever run a higher risk of their children developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
But It's Only Tylenol ...With cold and flu rampant in Colorado, here's a warning about using a popular pain and fever reliever -- acetaminophen -- the active ingredient in Tylenol. But as CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports, more than 600 products contain acetaminophen, making it easy to overdose -- and suffer liver failure.
Liquid Acetaminophen-Over/Underdosing Your Childthe ne
The Most Dangerous Medicine?What do you think is the most dangerous medicine in your medicine chest? New research suggests it's an old favorite used by young and old alike: acetaminophen. Dr Dave Hnida reports on a new study that says it's easier to OD on acetaminophen products than we previously thought.
The Directions Are Smarter Than YouThe makers of Extra Strength Tylenol have just changed the recommended dosage of their product. But unless you're a math major, you still may have trouble staying within the safe range of the active ingredient: acetaminophen. Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida has some advice.
FDA Hopes To Clear Up Confusion About Acetaminophen DosageFederal health officials are considering whether to add dosing instructions for children under 2 years old to products such as Children's Tylenol.