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Wyclef Jean Contract Bars Pot References

The contract for Wyclef Jean’s performance at the University of Colorado bars him from making direct references to marijuana and other illegal drugs.


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Lawyers Fail To Block CU From Closing Campus On 4/20

Lawyers were shot down after asking a judge to prevent the University of Colorado from closing campus to visitors on Friday as part of an effort to stop the annual 4/20 pot smokeout.


An image for the 4/20 rally in Boulder in 2011 (credit: CBS)

City Of Boulder Will Not Interfere With CU’s Plan To Ban Campus Visitors

The annual 4/20 pot smoking event is just a couple of days away and the University of Colorado and the City of Boulder are trying to clear the cloud of smoke.


An image for the 4/20 rally in Boulder in 2011 (credit: CBS)

CU Hopes To Snuff Out 4/20 Pot Event

The University of Colorado in Boulder hopes sealing off the campus will help it snuff out the popular pot smoking event called 4/20.


CU Tries Stricter Rules To Extinguish 4/20 Fest

University of Colorado officials hoping to curtail an annual marijuana smoking gathering say those entering the Boulder campus during this year’s 4/20 event must be cleared to do so or will need a university ID.


An image from the 4/20 rally in Boulder (credit: CBS)

CU Pays $50,000 For Annual Pot Celebration

University of Colorado officials are discussing the possibility of shutting down an annual marijuana celebration event that costs the school tens of thousands of dollars to manage.


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Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather In Anticipation Of 4/20 Smokeout

Pot smokers began gathering before noon at Denver’s Civic Center Park on Wednesday in honor of 4/20.