The October Surprise: Her Name is SandyEveryone has been waiting for an October Surprise to affect the tight Presidential race. It took all month, but the October Surprise finally arrived, in the form of a major hurricane.
Getting Real about Social SecurityThis election, like many of the ones before, is pointing out our collective hypocrisy on one of the biggest budget problems this country faces, Social Security.
Michelle to Barack: I’ve Got Your BackFirst Lady Michelle Obama gave her husband's relection bid a major boost with an impressive speech on Tuesday night, aiming for the hearts of voters, if not the heads.
Echoes of Bennet 2010 in Obama 2012Echoes of Senator Michael Bennet's successful 2010 campaign are showing up in President Obama's 2012 campaign in Colorado, but will the results be the same?
The Rules of Politicizing Memorial DayThere are rules about not being political on important American holidays. But like all rules, this one was made to be broken.
Gasoline Prices: The New Focus of the 2012 Campaign?However, during every presidential campaign, one issue generally rises to the top and becomes the defining issue for independent voters. With recent spikes showing no signs of slowing down, it looks like gas prices will likely become that defining issue in 2012.