10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

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Judge Asks Pointed Questions In Gay Marriage Case

A judge in Colorado who will play a pivotal role deciding whether gays should be allowed to wed in the United States asked pointed questions Thursday about whether Oklahoma can legally ban the unions.


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Appeals Court Panel Considers TABOR Challenge

Colorado is asking the federal courts to stay out of a dispute about whether its strict tax and spending limits has robbed the state of a republican form of government.


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Group Seeks Court Review Of Colorado Haze Plan

An environmental group is asking a federal appeals court to review part of Colorado’s plan for cutting air pollution and haze.


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Appeals Court Upholds Concealed Weapons Ruling

A federal appeals court has ruled that permits allowing people to carry concealed weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment.


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U.S. Challenges Order In Federal Health Care Lawsuit

The federal government is seeking to overturn an order blocking it from penalizing a Colorado company whose health care coverage doesn’t include birth control.


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Court Upholds Decision On Elk Thinning In Rocky Mountain National Park

A federal appeals court is upholding the National Park Service’s decision not to reintroduce wolves to Rocky Mountain National Park to control the elk population.


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High Court Says Colorado Inmate Can Pursue Appeal

The Supreme Court says federal courts cannot throw out a criminal defendant’s appeal for missing a deadline when state officials do not object to the overdue filing.


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Colorado Court Rejects Death Row Inmate’s Appeal

A man convicted of killing four people at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant nearly 19 years ago moved closer to execution following the rejection of his appeal by a federal appeals court.


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Attorneys For Nathan Dunlap Argue To Get Death Sentence Overturned

It has been 19 years since Nathan Dunlap murdered four people and wounded a fifth.


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Colorado Woman Must Turn Over Computer Password

A federal appeals court in Denver refused Tuesday to get involved in a mortgage and real estate fraud case that raises questions about whether turning over a computer password amounts to self-incrimination.