1. Reiko says:

    The main reason is how the snocirg is set up. Since most leagues are set up where you get 1 pt for each 25 yards passing and 1 pt for every 10 yards rushing or receiving, it takes 250 yds passing to equal 100 yards receiving.Since most of the top RB s get around 80-100 yds rushing and maybe 30 yds receiving, you are looking at 11 pts in yardage plus any TD s.Also, a big issue is value. In a 12 team league where you start 1 QB, 2 RB s, 3 WR s, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, you are not going to find any good RB s left after the draft is over and it is very rare when one shows up during the season. However, in most leagues, QB s like Grossman, Pennington, and Alex Smith were available and have played very well. Since there are so few top notch RB s, it is very hard to get a good RB after the 5th or 6th round. However, there are generally only 5 or 6 QB s that are drafted in the 1st 6 rounds.Yes, Manning, on average will get more then a #1 RB, but if you take a QB in the 1st round, you will probably not get the greatest depth at RB later on. However, I bet McNabb went in the 4th/5th rounds or later in many drafts this year. Was this answer helpful?

  2. Amir says:

    You MUST pick the best available pelayr, but some people get so hung up on picking a RB with their 1st pick, they pass up the better pelayrs at other positions. For example, I had the 5th pick in my league and the best RB available wasn t much better than the 6 10 available RB s, so I drafted Peyton. When my turn came up in the second round, I planned to draft a RB but there was a great receiver avaialbe, which was a better value than the RB s that were left, so I took the WR. I have a great team without drafting a RB until the 4th round. Let people keep drafting RB s higher than their value and you will keep winning your league. If you didn t have a pick in the top 4, you shouldn t be automatically drafting a RB. Was this answer helpful?

  3. Lucyana says:

    Good Lord AI, you stepped in it n ow. You fialed to mention Julia was there. Shame on you. Ernie, get a life. I have a niece who’s a National Guard member, and is going abck to Iraq for the third time in June. Her ebst friend was to have come home in June, but, thanks to our ever-prescient President, will now have her tour extended to January.Both served together in their first tour. Neither had a bullet-proof vest or enough food. Her family banded together and bought one for her, and she got written up for using civi-provided material.She got no discipline for the food we sent her.What else ya got, genius?

  4. Christina says:

    Ok, is this going to be like the examples set when they pyelad the Colts (outplayed most of the game), Eagles (outplayed by a 5 win team with a backup quarterback), Ravens (outplayed by a 4 win team with a backup quarterback), Jets (outplayed by a bad 3 win team), Dolphins (outplayed in the 2nd half by a 1 win team)?I laugh every time I think of some idiot Patriot*** fan actually placing bets against those ridiculously high spreads especially the Jets one and then watching his money disappear in Patriot*** ineptitude!!!! What kind of moron gives 27 points in an NFL game?

  5. Sima says:

    As Ernie should know by now (read the anespwper!) our Congresslady Julia Carson has always voted FOR every DOD and Supplemental Bill to fully fund the troops. It was the Bush Administration that rushed our troops into war with inadequate equipment.By the way, “Armour” is the corporation that makes Spam. She has always been an enthusiastic supporter of adult literacy programs – IndyErnie should avail himself of a remedial English class!

  6. Safe says:

    Great Post EWTHeckman! This is exactly the kind of edaebfck I’m looking for. I can’t catch every bad call by myself but with you guys’ help I can hopefully get most of them. I will definitely check these calls out. I heard about the PI one but not the others. Thanks for your input. Once I can find video to confirm these I they will get their own post. Looks like the officiating in this game was even worse than I though.

  7. Eagle says:

    The Colts get the win 26-21, but Eli puts in a better game than Peyton. The Colts get the lucky baekrs from a couple of critical calls that made a crucial difference in tonight’s game. The Giants fans were not at all pleased with tonight’s officiating, and I think they had good reason to be upset, particularly with the offensive pass interference call, which pretty much ended the Giants last scoring drive.

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