• 2018 Air Force Academy Graduation
  1. Denis says:

    I’m sorry, but I think you spell it gluttonous and in my mind you have wtertin glutinous which makes it all the more disgusting.

  2. Vitthi says:

    Well, if I may add my two cents, especially in ressonpe to Laurel’s comment okay, I don’t approve of judging other people’s choices and lifestyles or calling them upper class twits, but I do think you have a point here. I’m not from Mongolia nor grew up on sheep’s eyeballs, but I live in Hong Kong now and grew up in Hong Kong, and also spent many years in the states studying, where I adored french fries and all kinds of organic yuppie foods. I’m going to be a mom soon (very excited), and I don’t know how it will be like yet, but I can tell you that in Chinese culture, children indeed do eat what they get (rice, vegetables, and fish) and do not cry for junk food. Obedience is ingrained in childhood as a virtue here. I know at least that my mother-in-law would not tolerate it if a kid complains about his food; my husband grew up having his fingers with whacked with chopsticks just for holding his chopsticks wrong (and now his entire family is patiently getting me to hold my chopsticks correctly). Battle hymn of tiger mother, anyone? We are also lucky that in Chinese culture we are not bombarded with images of french fries and junk food and colorful cereals. Instead we get advertisements for dumplings and rice and noodles on TV. So it is definitely, culturally, a lot easier to feed kids healthy food. But here’s another thing we don’t actually think of rice and vegetables etc. as healthy, its just what we eat. We also don’t have a habit of packing kids snack boxes and preparing after school snacks like you guys do in America. So I do agree with Laurel’s other point that training kids to eat when they are hungry is a good thing.For me, I will just relax … let my kids eat mostly good Chinese food and take them out for burgers sometimes. A diet composed of 20% junk food wouldn’t kill, right?

  3. Mekanika says:

    Oh, hey, Laurel wow, where do I begin? Oh, I know: Lighten the f*ck up, and PLEASE tell me you aren’t a parent, you heurolmss, joyless prig. I’m half inclined to think you’re a troll, but trolls don’t tend to spend so much time on their posts. You just appear to be a pontificating control freak, and I’m surprised there wasn’t a whole separate rant about the fact that the poster didn’t hire a wetnurse a Mongolian wetnurse! when she couldn’t breastfeed. Anyhoo, loved this blog post, thought it was hysterical. I’m a vegetarian who has twins. My husband is an unrepentant carnivore. Since it isn’t entirely up to me what they eat (and since I’m not an autocrat like some people), I determined that they would eat vegetarian foods until they were old enough to declare otherwise, but secretly hoped that they would be as repulsed by meat as I was. No such luck: one of my little darlings (they’re 5) was asking for bacon the other day and declared several times, and loudly: I love meat!!! I was certain her dad had put her up to it, but he was all innocence. Ah well, they love their veggies, fruit and yogurt too, so the occasional meat won’t hurt, even though they’re tearing my heart apart, one meaty bit at a time

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