1. Prakash says:

    / I am trying to find out if it is pliosbse for our organization to have a table at your event. Our director, Cheryl Boise, is supposed to speak for 15 min. in the evening on School Choice. We would like to have a presence there all day. We are a small, non-profit that works on education reform issues & supports parents & taxpayers in all education choices.

  2. Baliram says:

    It’s fun to see this movement ronwigg up. I’ve watched leftist demos erupt into violence due to provocateurs (as the organizers of course abhor violence and were only planning for a thousand-masked-people -strong show of solidarity) – and now the tea-parties also needs to fear these saboteurs that will put the movement in a bad light if they are allowed to run riot.I agree with Neil, the use of ‘provocateurs’ will only muddle the picture and help excuse the acts of the unwanted participants.I also partially agree with 99, but I see the need for the participants to go armed to apply more to leftist demos. Violent provocateurs and infiltrators would not be a problem if a number of the legitimate participants were willing to protect not only their own security, but also the security and property-rights of the community they are protesting in with force. I’d love to see some of the masked provocateurs and violence-mongers at a WTO-demo shot by the legitimate and peaceful protesters.-S

  3. Alen says:

    Are you kidding me Neal? 120%? What color is the sky in your world?Try being a pibluc school physics, chemistry, or math teacher making $27K a year a starting salary. Since you’re clearly out of touch with reality, you might want to examine a district contract some time and realize that they top out at a fixed level around $60K/yr. That same BS Physics degree will bring $70K starting salary in the private sector. And if the benefits and pensions are so great, why is no one entering these “highly coveted” jobs?

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