• The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
  1. Mark James on Facebook says:

    With the eyes of the nation’s NFL fans upon your team, its rising superstar quarterback puts on the best show of his career. Tebow has 200 yards passing, two touchdowns, no interceptions and no fumbles, leaving his critics once again making excuses as to why they will not acknowledge his ability to play in the NFL. First they said he wouldn’t get drafted. That he wouldn’t go in the first round. That he’d never play. That he’d never start. That his mechanics were wrong, or threw off his back foot, or whatever. Instead, this humble guy just kept on trying to improve, and said as much. His play over the last 6 games has been an absolute testimony as to how MUCH this young man wants it. Inspiring to his team mates, tougher than shoe leather on the run, modest with the media, developing his skills in every way,

    he is improving right in front of our eyes.

    You have a rising superstar on your hands, citizens of Denver.

  2. Comitato says:

    something to get peikcd up in the blog-o-sphere and maybe the media. I heard 5 minutes of her on the radio and changed the station so fast I ended up on my local wing-nut frequency, end result, the I-pod was turned on and the radio OFF. AAR is INSANE for not putting Sam Sedar on in the afternoon slot, and instead going with washed up celebrities. AWFUL

  3. Charles says:

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