• 4/20 Festival
  1. Mark says:

    With his incredible will to win, his humbleness allowing him to LISTEN to the people who can help him become a better quarterback, and his leadership skills, Tim Tebow has all the signs of a man who is on his way to greatness. We may be seeing a different type of quarterback. I would not say it is a prototype of a new NFL quarterback; he may just be an anomaly. But he brings to the offense something else for an opposing defense to worry about. Being 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds, he may be tough enough to handle the hits and not get injured. What amazes me is how humble he is, and that he really understands how far he will have to improve. His passing is not there yet, but it is getting better. People have forgotten that this guy only played 3 games last year, and the lockout forced Tim to miss 45 practices that he WOULD have had! Because Orton was the starter, Orton got the time to throw to those receivers, and Tim missed valuable gell time with the receivers because of it. Cap that off with the fact that Denver traded away their best receiver? Tim’s playing catch up.

    There are components here– the leadership skills, the humility, the charm, the toughness, the charisma which draws other players to him– which look familiar to anyone who has ever read famous leaders’ biographies. Tim Tebow has the characteristics of someone who will be a superstar in the NFL.

    Mark James on Facebook
    Germantown, Tenn

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