• The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
  1. John M. Padilla says:

    and the NFL continues with its porn and exploitation of the female body.

    1. Number 6 says:

      Oh please…give me a break. I’ll bet you make your wife/girlfriend wear a burka too.

      If you don’t like the cheerleaders, don’t watch.

      To me football is played all wrong. It should be 4-quarters of cheerleaders and a half-time of football.

      1. Gerpsnot says:

        Good enough to transform this ex-Raider fan into a Bronco fan 🙂

  2. Don says:

    John M. Padilla just has a dirty and guilty mind…These women are CHEERLEADERS and nothing more….CHEERLEADER- A person who leads spectators in cheering at an athletic event.

  3. Daren Speck says:

    These women spend Saturdays teaching young girls how to dance, be better people in the community, and teach them to be all around better people. You have no idea how hard they work and how very little they are paid for what they do. Hats off to all the cheerleaders and everything they do for Denver.

  4. John says:

    John…. Exercise your right to choose to not watch.

  5. scott thompson says:

    ALL cheer leaders need to wear better clothing and COVER UP! They are always way too revealing! Very inappropriate!

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