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He was 10-years-old and watching a local newscast … “It just clicked” says CBS4 Sports Anchor Vic Lombardi. He says he grew up in Colorado always wanting to work in Denver TV.

Born on Denver’s North Side in 1969, Lombardi interned at CBS4 as a student and later joined CBS4 in June of 1998. He graduated from Holy Family High School in Denver, attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated from Notre Dame University in 1991.

Before landing a job in his hometown, Lombardi worked as a sports reporter in South Bend, Indiana, Austin, Texas, and Phoenix, Ariz. Already, he is a 27-time Emmy Award winner; 13 of which are for Best Sports Anchor, which he has won 10 years in a row.

The most exciting stories he’s covered? Lombardi says the 1998 Super Bowl. “Need I explain?” he asks, as well as the 1994 World Cup.

Lombardi says living and working in Denver means everything. “I’m home again with my family.”

Vic is married to Terri, a Denver schoolteacher. They have one son, Dante, and two daughters, Alexis and Isabella.

Lombardi also spends a lot of time with his large Italian family. His father came to the United States from Italy with a sixth grade education and became very successful here. That, says Lombardi, provides a great deal of inspiration.

Vic says his biggest challenge in life was landing his job in Denver, and his greatest disappointment was not getting the job earlier.

Just The Facts

Dream job: I have it
Why I am a journalist: Because I couldn’t pass organic chemistry
Favorite sports team: My kids’ teams
What one word best describes CBS4: Geomagnetic
Least favorite household chore: No. 2 diaper duty
Position: Sports orator
Most memorable interview: Every Charles Barkley interview I’ve ever done
Dream interview: Tiger Woods
Role model: Mom & Dad
Job you would never attempt: Weathercaster … even when you’re right, people hate you. (Sorry, Ed.)
Alma Mater: Holy Family High School, University of Notre Dame
Star Sign: I don’t believe in zodiacology… or whatever you call it.
Year Hired: 1998
First TV Appearance: South Bend, Ind. in 1990
First Story: St. Joseph’s HS Football team, South Bend, Ind.
Favorite story: 1994 World Cup .. hung out the the Bulgarian team. They smoked heaters during practice.
Hidden talent: I can juggle while riding a bike (learned that one at Elitch’s)
Hometown: Denver
Hobbies: Basketball, flag football, golf, reading, nuclear physics
Favorite food: Anything on my plate
Number of children: 3
Number of siblings: 3
Number of pets: 1
Favorite vacation spot: Villa San Michele, Italy
Favorite word: Strunzo
Least favorite word: No
Least favorite noise: Boink
Favorite noise: Swish
What keeps you in Colorado? My family … and my electric dog collar
What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? See least favorite chore

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