DENVER (CBS4) – “School of Rock” is the hilarious, energetic story of wannabe rock star Dewey Finn. When Finn takes a job as a substitute teacher, he makes his dream come true by turning the class into a grade-A rock band. “School of Rock: The Musical” is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts from May 29th through June 10th, 2018.

LINK: For Tickets & Information to “School of Rock”

Key to the whole show is the class, young actors ranging in ages from 9 to 11. These young actors have to be immensely talented to navigate the transition from straight-A students to a cohesive rock band, with the children playing their own instruments.

school of rock kids 2 ‘School Of Rock’ Opens Doors To Colorado Audiences (credit DCPA)

“I just really love that every night, we just get to go on stage, you know, and just rock out, and make everyone in the audience so happy,” said Alyssa Emily Marvin, who plays “Marcy.”

school of rock kids ‘School Of Rock’ Opens Doors To Colorado Audiences (credit CBS)

“School of Rock” features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, as well as, all the songs from the original movie.


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