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Weather Watcher Network

CBS4 Weather Watchers are weather enthusiasts who connect with CBS4’s weather team and help them build the most complete and accurate picture of Colorado’s diverse conditions. This exclusive information gives the CBS4 weather team an unmatched perspective on how weather is changing, all over our state. And that helps them give you the best forecast possible.

Our weather watchers are your neighbors. They’re the ones who are always talking about last night’s storm, tomorrow’s chance for snow, or the cool cloud formations they saw last week. The reports they share come from their homes and schools, and the information comes from their own personal weather stations. They tell us how much snow fell, or how temperatures are changing. They share pictures and video of cool weather events. They can even send a direct alert to the team in Colorado’s Weather Center.


Sound like fun? All it takes is a thermometer, a rain gauge and a ruler and you can be a CBS4 Weather Watcher. APPLY HERE to get started!

Weather Watcher NetworkWeather Watcher NetworkWeather Watcher Network





See the latest snow totals from Weather Watchers below:

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