Is It Simply A Cold, Or The Dreaded Flu?Influenza has hit hard and early this season. If you get sick, is it a simple cold, or do you have the flu?
Doctors Thought He Had Lung Cancer. It Turns Out He Inhaled A Toy 40 Years Ago.A man with a cough was thought to have lung cancer. It turns out the culprit was from a little toy he swallowed 40 years ago.
What's A Pre-Existing Condition? You Probably Have OneOne of the key questions about any new healthcare bill such as Graham-Cassidy is how it will treat pre-existing conditons. Odds are, you have one. And you will be affected.
Your Kid Want A Tattoo? First-Ever Guidelines From PediatriciansIs your kid thinking about a tattoo or piercing? The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed guidelines to help you and your child.
A Warning About This Year's Flu Season From The Land Down UnderThe forecast for this year's flu season is for a nasty one. And it's one that's based on what we are seeing on the other side of the world.
Health Problems From Harvey: The Worst Is Yet To ComeThe images of Harvey have been dramatic, but the health problems from the storm will affect residents long after the waters recede.
Does Your Child Have High Blood Pressure?The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines aimed at detecting high blood pressure in children.
Doing A Little Trimming? Let's Be Careful Down ThereMore Americans than ever do extra personal grooming of the pubic area, but a new study reports that one in four who trim or wax suffer a painful injury.
Why Your Child Should Not Specialize In One SportA new study shows that child who play one sport year-round have a higher rate of lifelong injuries than those who participate in multiple activities.
Most Americans Seem To Love Prescriptions. How About You?A new survey shows more than half of Americans take prescription medication on a regular basis. And not just one drug, but, on average, four. That's a lot of drugs.

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