Will Tylenol Cause Your Child To Have ADD or ADHD?A new study links acetaminophen during pregnancy and behavioral problems after birth. But do you really need to worry?
Thinking Mosquitos? In Colorado, It's West Nile, Not ZikaIt's the time of year when West Nile Virus invades our state, and health officials are reporting a jump in cases. Here's what you need to know.
How Much Do You Weigh Now... Compared To Then? The Ugly Tale Of The TapeAmerica likes big. But one area where bigger isn't better is your waistline. And a new study has some hefty new numbers.
Trampoline Danger: More Kids Are Jumping Into The Emergency RoomA new caution from the nation's pediatricians is out. They say commercial trampoline injuries are way up -- and they caution parents to use some common sense measures when the kids are bouncing around.
Why Would You Risk Poisoning Your Child? The Danger Of EdiblesA new report has some scary stats on children and legalized marijuana. The number of "accidents" are worse than we thought.
Why We Worry About Measles, And Why You Should Too -- As In NowThere is a child case of measles in the Denver metro area, and that child may have exposed people in public places. Those people are now at risk for a very serious disease. Are you one of those people?
Go Ahead, Suck Your Thumb, Bite Your Nails, It May Be Good For Your Health If You're A KidIt may seem kind of gross, but a new study in the Journal Pediatrics says that things like thumb sucking and nail biting may actually be good for a child's health. Specifically, by lowering the risk of allergies.
4 Tips To A Happy Tummy On The 4thHoliday gatherings are a great tradition, but can also be ground zero for food poisoning. Following four simple tips when it comes to food safety today can save you a lot of distress tomorrow.
Paging Dr. Google... Paging Dr. Google.When we need some medical advice, about one in twenty Americans will the first stop a visit to the internet. Unfortunately, the web can be filled with information that can truly hurt you. So now, Google has developed a new and improved way of finding accurate and reliable health info online. It's not perfect, but will at least help point you in the right direction.
The Nose Doesn't Know -- You Now Need The ShotA nasal flu vaccine seemed easy, painless, and effective. But new research shows that yes, it's easy and painless...yet it is NOT effective. Be prepared to roll up that sleeve to prevent influenza.

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