Coconut Oil: Not The Health Food You May Believe It IsIf you think coconut oil is a healthier choice for your heart, and your health in general, the American Heart Association says think again.
Do You Know Where The Defibrillator Is At Work?Most Americans don't know how to do CPR or use an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator. And according to the American Heart Association, that is a special problem in a workplace.
Is A Day On The Links Putting A Divot In Your Body?Golfing injuries are on the rise, but the good news is that with come simple steps, these aches and pains can be prevented.
Will Cow's Milk Make Your Child Taller?If you're choosing non-dairy alternatives to cow's milk for your child, a new study study suggests that choice may add up to a loss of height.
Do You Have Food Allergies? Here Are The Biggest CulpritsAlthough the number of children who suffer from peanut allergy has tripled over the past 15 years, the total number of Americans with food allergy has risen more slowly.  The percentage of people with food allergies is about 4 percent, with the majority affected being adult women. 
Under Age 1: No Fruit Juice For YouA change in dietary guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics pushes the starting age of fruit juice in infants from six months to one year of age.
Who Is A Better Physician: Younger & Sharper, Or Older & Experienced?Is age a good indicator of how good your doctor is? After all, knowing the latest in technology is great. But then again, so is experience.
Let's Be Careful Out There: We're Now In Lightning SeasonWe are now in severe storm season, and that means it's important to keep in mind that our state is ranked number two when it comes to deaths and injuries caused by lightning.
Why A Daily Aspirin May Cut Your Risk Of Breast CancerA new study suggests women who take a daily aspirin may cut their risk of breast cancer by 20 percent.
Energy Drinks And Your TickerIt's not the caffeine that's a problem, but the other ingredients that may make your heart rhythm do funny things when you have an energy drink.

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