Why We Sleep Poorly The First Night In A New Place: The 'Birdbrain Effect'Why do we sleep poorly on our first night in a new location? It's because half of our brain stays awake while the other half sleeps.
Would You Do An 'Uber' Eye Exam For A New Pair Of Glasses?These days many people opt for an "Uber" rather than a conventional taxi. A new app may now make it possible to do something similar to order a new pair of glasses online. Dr. Dave Hnida explores the new option.
Why A Daily Aspirin Is Probably Good For You, Your Heart, Your Colon -- The Final Recommendations -- They PromisePopping a daily aspirin every day can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer. Dr. Dave Hnida has the newest recommendations from the federal government.
Why Does My Nose Think It's Running In A Race? How To Tell Whether It Is An Allergy Or ColdThere is a three letter word to describe the spring allergy season. B-A-D. How to tell if you are being attacked by pollen.
Why This Year's Weather Is Literally Making You SickSeem like you're fighting one germ after another? The answer is easy: blame the weather.
It Ain't Over Til It's Over: The Flu Season That's Just Starting To PeakIt's late and it's milder, but this year's flu season is still packing a punch.
Why A Calendar May Be Your Best Weapon Against SmokingThe best way to kick the habit appears to be cold turkey. And to help, a calendar can be a powerful weapon.
Are We Getting You Hooked On Pain Pills?America has a drug problem- with legal drugs. And doctors are contributing to the problem but prescribing medications that are addictive and potentially harmful when mixed with other drugs, or when more is taken than what is advised. CBS4's Dr Dave Hnida has details on the recommendations.
Spring Forward, Feel Groggy. The Bad ... And Surprisingly Good About Changing The ClockIt's the twice a year ritual, with the Spring clock change being the more despised of the two. While there are some ill effects to resetting the clock, there are some positive ones as well. CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida explains
There's An App For That, But I Don't Think I'd Use ItIf you're looking for a popular blood pressure app, you could be told everything is fine but actually be on the road to a stroke, CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida writes.

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