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Under Age 1: No Fruit Juice For YouA change in dietary guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics pushes the starting age of fruit juice in infants from six months to one year of age.
Who Is A Better Physician: Younger & Sharper, Or Older & Experienced?Is age a good indicator of how good your doctor is? After all, knowing the latest in technology is great. But then again, so is experience.
Let's Be Careful Out There: We're Now In Lightning SeasonWe are now in severe storm season, and that means it's important to keep in mind that our state is ranked number two when it comes to deaths and injuries caused by lightning.
Why A Daily Aspirin May Cut Your Risk Of Breast CancerA new study suggests women who take a daily aspirin may cut their risk of breast cancer by 20 percent.
Energy Drinks And Your TickerIt's not the caffeine that's a problem, but the other ingredients that may make your heart rhythm do funny things when you have an energy drink.
Are You A 'Hipster?' Better Measure That Waistline As If Your Life Depends On ItThat spare tire around your waist may be deadlier than you think. It's time to measure your hip-to-waist ratio.
Is Running Contagious? Just Ask Your Social ContactsHere's a "disease" you may want to catch: exercise. A new study says running can be contagious, especially when you share your results on social media.
Here's An Opinion: Get A Second OneA new study suggests that one in five diagnoses are incorrect. That makes a second opinion all the more important.
It May Not Boost IQ, But Breast Is Still Best For BabiesWe know that breast feeding offers a number of benefits to an infant, but is higher intelligence one of them? A new study takes a look.
Will Popping An Ibuprofen Trigger A Cardiac Arrest?Harmless pain relievers may not be as harmless as you think, especially when it comes to your heart. But there are details to a new study on the subject you need to know.

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