Happy 'Flu' Year"When I go to work, sick people are lined up, or laid out." Dr. Dave Hnida says we are in the middle of one the worst flu seasons in a decade.
Just In Time: Grandma's 'Chicken Soup For The Flu' RecipeIf you or a loved one is struck by the flu, it may be time to turn to a tried and true remedy: "Grandma's Chicken Soup" recipe.
The Birth Control Pill May Raise Your Risk Of Breast CancerA new study finds that taking the birth control pill can raise your risk of developing breast cancer. But the risk is low and the pill overall remains a safe choice for most women.
Daytime Wounds Heal Twice As Fast As Those Suffered At NightAccording to a new study in the journal Science, you probably will heal faster if you cut yourself during that daytime compared to a wound suffered at night.
A New Vaccine To Prevent ShinglesThe CDC has given it's approval for a new vaccine to prevent shingles, a painful skin rash that can affect people of all ages. It is believed to be much more effective than the vaccine currently being used, and is recommended for people ages 50 and older.
New Guidelines For Staying Healthy During A Trip To The DoctorNew guidelines spell out how to avoid illness during a visit to the office.
Why You Can Literally Die Of A Broken HeartWhat happens when a person keels over and dies after the stress of bad news? Researchers says it is medically possible that the cause is a "broken heart."
Is It Simply A Cold, Or The Dreaded Flu?Influenza has hit hard and early this season. If you get sick, is it a simple cold, or do you have the flu?
Doctors Thought He Had Lung Cancer. It Turns Out He Inhaled A Toy 40 Years Ago.A man with a cough was thought to have lung cancer. It turns out the culprit was from a little toy he swallowed 40 years ago.
What's A Pre-Existing Condition? You Probably Have OneOne of the key questions about any new healthcare bill such as Graham-Cassidy is how it will treat pre-existing conditons. Odds are, you have one. And you will be affected.

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