VIDEO: Baby Sloth At Denver Zoo Starting To Eat Solid Food

DENVER (CBS4) — Our favorite youngster at the Denver Zoo is growing — at its own pace.

The zoo posted a new video showing the baby sloth that was born in January.

They say the baby is still nursing some but is now also eating some sold food.

The baby still likes to cling closely to its mother, Charlotte Greenie, and likely will continues to do so for a few more months.

Charlotte was pregnant for 10 months.

LINK: Denver Zoo

The zoo is still waiting to learn what sex the baby is. Once that is known, the baby will get a name.

Charlotte and the baby can be found in their exhibit in Bird World, although, the zoo says, “the view of the baby might be impaired by foliage or Charlotte’s embrace.” Sloths being sloths, they also sleep a lot (15 to 20 hours a day).

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