Bullets Land Inches From Driver In Possible Road Rage Shooting

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman says she was driving in the middle of the night in Littleton when someone took shots at her car.

The incident happened near the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and Belleview Avenue at approximately 5 a.m. Police say they are working to determine if road rage was the motivation for the shooting.

(credit: CBS)

Police found several shell casings on the road but no weapons were found. No one was hurt.

“Who knows what people’s motivations are in these types of situations,” said Littleton police spokesman Trent Cooper. “Our recommendation certainly if you find yourself in a tense road rage-type situation, don’t allow yourself to be baited into doing something you don’t want to do.”

“These situations can be extremely dangerous. This victim this morning, but for inches we could be investigating a homicide. She’s very lucky.”

Authorities say the shooter was driving in an older model black mid-size sedan. That car may have had at least three people in it at the time of the shooting, and it’s believed a female was in the passenger seat.

Police encouraged those who find themselves in a road rage incident to disengage, and call police.

“Don’t allow yourself to be baited in to doing something you don’t want to do. These situations can be extremely dangerous,” Cooper said. “As the population around Denver, and the traffic around Denver, gets worse, I think we are going to see these kinds of incidents increase in frequency.”

Anyone with information that could help police in their investigation is asked to contact Littleton police.