Denver Comic Artists Holding Arts Week Events

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo, or DINK, is holding several Arts Week events that highlight local comic artists. All the festivities are happening at the Globeville Riverfront Art Center, or GRACe.

DINK Colorado Showcase at GRACe (credit CBS)

The Colorado Showcase is a gallery showing of the work from Colorado-based comic artists.

(credit CBS)

“We’ve got an amazing gallery installation going on, so people can come and see a lot of local art,” said Jeff LaGreca, the creative programming director for DINK. “In the meantime, we’ve got something created by Michael Scott which is ‘Take Art, Leave Art.’ Artists will come and bring a piece and then they can leave a piece.”

Take Art, Leave Art at GRACe (credit CBS)

The Take Art, Leave Art event is open to anyone. There will be drawing materials provided so that anyone can create a work, then hang it on the wall, and take someone else work with them. GRACe will also be hosting a Draw Off.

“We have teams of artists and they get up… and it’s pretty wacky and ribald, and the audience pitches them suggestions, and they get up and they’ll create art in the space on the spot,” LeGreca explained.

(credit CBS)

The DINK Colorado Artists Showcase, Take Art, Leave Art; and Draw off all take place on Saturday, November 11th through Wednesday, November 30th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at GRACe, 888 East 50th Avenue, Denver.