WASHINGTON (CBS4) – The weekend holiday could bring a decision on a program that allowed undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to stay and work in the country.

The kids are known as DREAMers after the DREAM Act.

gettyimages 839028164 Coffman Thinks DACA Extension Has Enough Votes To Pass

U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump is reportedly close to announcing whether or not to keep the Obama-era program.

Colorado Republican Representative Mike Coffman says he’s called on Congress to extend the DACA program.

“It’s to force a vote in the House for a bill that I introduced in January, a bipartisan bill, called the Bridge Act, that essentially puts DACA into law to take care of the Constitutional problems and extend it for a three year period.”

daca immigration 5pkg transfer frame 2270 Coffman Thinks DACA Extension Has Enough Votes To Pass

Rep. Mike Coffman (credit: CBS)

That vote is expected to happen Tuesday.

Coffman believes it has enough support to pass.

Attorneys General from ten states are preparing to sue if President Trump doesn’t roll back DACA on the grounds that President Barack Obama overstepped his authority.

They’ve already won a similar lawsuit.

The White House says President Trump could make his decision any time over the holiday weekend.

Some Colorado DREAMers are planning a school walkout on Tuesday as a show of solidarity.

  1. Neither Congress nor administration can score in the red zone. As the result, the football is punted one more time.

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