By Rick Sallinger

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A marijuana club in Englewood says it will appeal a recent decision by a hearing examiner that upholds an order that the club was must shut down.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The business originally opened two years ago as iBake Englewood. It is now called Studio420. And while the name has changed, the business remains the same — a club to consume marijuana.

Marty Fuchs is one of the co-owners.

“If anything we are a positive influence in the community where people can go and they are not left on the street or in a school or in a park,” he told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger.

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In December the city of Englewood issued a cease and desist notice. It claims the club is in violation of the law because it is open to the public and fraudulently received its license.

Studio420 claims the front of the store, which sells tobacco, is public, but the rear for pot smokers is membership only.

“This type of place is needed in Colorado. You can’t sell legal marijuana to people and then tell them they can’t smoke it anywhere. It just does not make any sense,” co-owner CJ Fuchs said.

Last year at a city council meeting a memo was cited that the city was aware of what the business was to do.

The city has passed a moratorium on marijuana clubs, something Studio420 customers like Keith Soule oppose.

“It was important for me to come here because I can’t smoke where I live,” Soule said.

The City of Englewood declined to comment on the matter because it is pending.

The club says it is appealing to the city manager’s office.

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger is a Peabody award winning reporter who has been with the station more than two decades doing hard news and investigative reporting. Follow him on Twitter @ricksallinger.

Comments (2)
  1. Robert Chase says:

    Studio420 does not allow the general public admittance; only those who have first joined may enter the area where cannabis is consumed, so the claim that the State statute against open and public consumption is being violated is completely disingenuous. Englewood’s hearing examiner is flouting the law to arrive at the decision the Town wants, but it has no authority to shut an innocuous, private club. Citizens should act against the Town officials harassing Studio420 by removing them from employment and from office before Englewood’s incompetent administration succeeds in incurring liability for its people, whom it represents so poorly.

  2. I grow Marijuana for a living and I am licensed by the state to do so. Studio 420 provides a place to smoke for the 100’s of people who buy weed from my shop every day.
    Banning places like this would force out of state visitors, to get high behind the wheel of their car.
    Studio 420 is a safe place for anyone 21 and up to consume recreational/medical marijuana.
    safe places for people to use marijuana = safer streets for your children.

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