MANCHESTER (CBS4) – Researchers in England have concluded that the Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t a speedy carnivore like we’ve seen in the movies.

Instead, the giant dino was a slowpoke.

Scientists at the University of Manchester believe that, thanks to his enormous size, the T-rex could never have chased down his dinner at high speeds.

“The researchers have combined two separate biomechanical techniques, known as multibody dynamic analysis (MBDA) and skeletal stress analysis (SSA), into one simulation model, creating a new more accurate one,” the university said in a release.

Apparently, if a T-rex ran, the model shows that its leg bones would have buckled under their own weight.

“Being limited to walking speeds contradicts arguments of high-speed pursuit predation for the largest bipedal dinosaurs like T-rex and demonstrates the power of Multiphysics approaches for locomotor reconstructions of extinct animals,” lead researcher Professor William Sellers told CBS News.

The Tyrannosaurus may have been a pokey beast, unable to chase down its meal, but when it did catch something, it certainly wasn’t getting a way, according to an earlier study that suggests their bite force was 7,800 pounds-force. that’s equal to the weight of three small cars.


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