GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A former pro cyclist will serve 100 hours of community service for firing off a gun near homes in the Jefferson County foothills.

On Thursday, Danny Summerhill pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and will get a year of probation in addition to the community service.

danny summerhill from unitedhealthcare cycling team site Former Pro Cyclist Pleads Guilty To Firing Off Gun

Danny Summerhill (credit: United Healthcare)

No one was hurt in the February incident and Summerhill said he was only venting, but some say the punishment was too soft.

“People were legitimately shocked, and rightfully so, that this happened,” said Joe Porter.

Porter’s wife and a neighbor were outside near the area where Summerhill shot off his gun multiple times on South Deer Creek Road.

“I’m not alone in this sentiment that the charges needed to be stronger to make sure he could never buy a gun again,” Porter said.

danny summerhill Former Pro Cyclist Pleads Guilty To Firing Off Gun

Danny Summerhill in 2014 during the USA Pro Challenge. (credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Summerhill had a promising pro cycling career but he has since resigned from his United Healthcare team. On Wednesday wept as he apologized to the Porters and other residents.

“His confession and letter that he read was obviously heartfelt, very heartfelt,” Porter said. “I’m glad he’s taking ownership. I’m glad he made the confession and sees the impact it’s had and how outraged people are.”

The district attorney’s office says determining what charges to file wasn’t easy. Summerhill had no prior criminal history and is unlikely to commit an similar offense again.

This incident in february was the lastest in a growing list of conflicts between cyclists and Deer Creek Canyon residents on the winding mountain road.

Last year a man was arrested after coating the road in tacks to purposefully injure cyclists.


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