By Lauren Whitney
DENVER (CBS4) – Monsoon season is now upon us. The annual shift in wind direction happens every year, sometimes as early as June and as late as August. A large area of high pressure has been parked over Colorado for quite some time, and this will shift slightly over to the east. This movement will allow the winds to change to the south, bringing in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. This means we may see some heavier rain soon, as we have a lot more moisture to work with with this wind shift.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring pretty decent chances for storms and heavier rain fall. We could really use that heavier rain as it’s been so dry lately and we have several wildfires burning in Colorado. We have another Ozone Action Day thanks to the smoke from those fires.

Tuesday is a hot day, we’ll be in the 90s again. After that, we’ll be in the upper 80s for a bit. So, we’ll finally get to cool off just a bit.

5day As Summer Monsoon Season Begins, Rain Chances Go Up

drought monitor As Summer Monsoon Season Begins, Rain Chances Go Up

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