BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The teenage suspect in the murder of 10-year-old Kiaya Campbell is scheduled to face a judge Friday.

Fifteen-year-old Aidan Zellmer was arrested earlier in June on charges of First Degree Murder.

kiaya campbell death 10pkg frame 234 15 Year Old Accused Of Killing Kiaya Campbell Due In Court

Aidan Zellmer (credit: CBS)

Zellmer was with Campbell the night she disappeared in Thornton.

He claimed the two had been separated in a rain storm.

kiaya campbell 15 Year Old Accused Of Killing Kiaya Campbell Due In Court

(credit: Thornton Police Department)

kiaya campbell search thornton 15 Year Old Accused Of Killing Kiaya Campbell Due In Court

(credit: CBS)

Campbell’s body was found the next day behind homes near 128th Avenue and Jasmine Street.

Friday’s hearing could determine whether Zellmer will be released on bond.

A date may also be set on when it could be determined whether he is tried as a juvenile or as an adult.

  1. Dean Teagan says:

    So very tragic and heartbreaking for all. You know, there is a recent CBS news story about the role of Adams 12 School District in distributing violent material through “school databases” under the auspices of “research” and “education” (see links below). Could there be a link? A multi-billion dollar corporation, EBSCO, is at the center of this national scandal for its role in streaming violent, sexually explicit, articles, images, stories, and even links to hard core porn and “bdsm” into K-12 databases. This is a huge scandal that every parent needs to know about. EBSCO was even named to the Dirty Dozen list by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) last fall, and yet Colorado schools continued to subscribe to it. Looking over the recent news stories (CBS Denver, Fox Birmingham) it appears that EBSCO may be exploiting school kids as an easy “target market” for the sex industry. Importantly, there is a heavy theme of violence and degradation of girls and women (see NCOSE website, articles glamorizing rape etc ). If I was one of the families affected by this tragedy, I would be consulting my attorney as to the potential culpability of the Adams 12 School District and, especially, the multi- billion dollar, EBSCO corporation, for their possible role in contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Look around the country at the increasing number of similar tragedies: self harm, violence, rape, murder… does the streaming of “violent erotica” into K-12 databases have anything to do with these awful trends? Look at the CBS4 story- Adams 12 openly admitted that there was “unacceptable” content in their schools (apparently databases are “protected” from filtering, allowing horrible material to stream into school computers and kids’ devices). And, although Adams 12 claims they have now removed it: WHY WAS IT THERE? Have children been harmed by it? What about other school “research databases” like Overdrive, or Gale? Parents should take a look at these too – they appear to be doing the same thing – advertising for “sex toy shops”, escort services, linking to graphic, violent pornography or “bdsm erotica” – does Adams 12 have these databases too? Adams 12 schools appear to have an arrangement with the Anythink Library – parents can easily check out these databases at Anythink – and there is horrible material streaming into “ebooks” and “homework” online resources. EBSCO alone is a giant corporation which boasts of selling its K-12 databases to more than 50,000 schools nation-wide – seems to me a corrupt corporation… with very deep pockets… denver. and, wbrc. com/story/35775174/could-your-kids-find-pornographic-articles-on-school-computers and, endsexualexploitation. org/ebsco/

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