Ryan Mayer

The NBA offseason has been wildly entertaining through the first three weeks with trade rumors flying left and right, along with one blockbuster trade already being made prior to draft night. As we near the opening of the moratorium period that signals the start of free agency on July 1st, the rumors are continuing to fly fast and furious.

One player that has been the subject of a majority of the trade rumors is the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George, who informed the team that he planned to leave in free agency after next season. Suitors for his services immediately emerged, and as of Sunday night, the Nuggets got pulled into the mix as a part of a three-team trade according to multiple reports by ESPN’s Marc Stein and Chris B Haynes.



Don’t get too excited yet Nuggets fans. Immediately after these reports surfaced, Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon confirmed those reports, but then said that the talks “weren’t serious”.



So, for now at least, this deal appears to be far from imminent. The 27-year-old Love has consistently been mentioned in the potential trades for George, but the Pacers are reportedly uninterested in adding him, which is why the Nuggets getting in on the conversation makes sense. Adding a third team to the mix would allow Indiana to get some assets for George that the Cavs would likely be unable to provide. After missing the playoffs by one game this season, the Nuggets certainly are giving the appearance of being aggressive in the free agent/trade market.


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