DENVER (AP) — Officials confirmed Colorado health authorities have stopped monitoring the plume of groundwater contaminated with PFCs at levels exceeding a federal health advisory limit that is spreading south.

This widens the challenge of dealing with the perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, which do not break down and have been linked to birth defects, cancers and other health harm.

The Denver Post reports Pueblo leaders Thursday say they expect tracking of contaminated water to continue as PFCs seep south.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment records show state tests for PFCs in drinking water have not been done since November 2016. The records also show CDPHE hasn’t measured PFCs in groundwater since February.

CDPHE officials confirm they stopped sampling water because EPA funding that enabled the tests ran out.

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  1. how dare they take a salary and not do their job of protecting the public. I don’t care that these crybabies are disappointed about the election, I pay Colorado taxes and this is a Colorado state issue. We all know what a bang-up job the EPA did with the mine clean-up. I wouldn’t trust them to clean my house. Get back to the work you’re being paid to do and stop blaming the federal government every time you’re too lazy to do the right thing.

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