ARCADIA, Calif. (CBS4) – Employees had to call animal control when a peacock wandered into a California liquor store.

The bird flapped around the store as it worked to find a way out. At one point, it flew right towards the manager, Rani Ghanem.

“It flew towards me,” Ghanem said. “I didn’t know they could actually fly high, but it flew up above the counter and it landed here on top of the ice cream freezer.”

Once animal control officers got to the store, they tried to guide the peacock from off the shelves using a net, but it wouldn’t come down. Finally, they rescued the bird and transported it to safety.

About $500 worth of wine and champagne were lost in the fuss.

Peacocks are a protected species. Even feeding them comes with a big fine, up to $1,000 and six months of jail time.


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