TAUNTON, Mass. (CBS4) – A woman who was arrested for driving under the influence happened to be keeping a bearded lizard in her brassiere.

The Taunton Police Department posted about the crazy incident on Facebook Monday, which is definitely worth a full read since the lizard doesn’t actually come in until the end.

Instead, it all begins when Amy Rebello-McCarthy, 39, and her male friend, Marvin K. Kyewalyanga, 22, were allegedly involved in a pretty nasty crash in the Boston suburb.

When officers arrived, according to the Facebook post, Rebello-McCarthy needed the vehicle to stand. Kyewalyanga tried to drive it out of yard where they crashed, though – with four flat tires, all the airbags deployed, and both bumpers gone – before officers arrived.

They “went to speak to the male party standing at the rear of the vehicle smoking a cigarette which was strongly discouraged considering the gas was leaking from the vehicle,” the post said.

When the man tried to move away from the vehicle, feeling antsy and unable to remember his name, officers noticed the butt of a semi-automatic weapon tucked in the rear waistband of his pants.

Before we go further, though, as the post says, let’s recap for a moment.

“Two very intoxicated people in a car crash, neither of them coherent, unsteady on their feet, slurring and drooling. If that’s not a bad start, let’s throw the gun into the equation. The male party was taken to the ground and handcuffed. The gun was removed from his waist.”

Both were taken into custody, which, later, is when Kyewalyanga recalled his name. Prior to that, though, in Rebello-McCarthy’s 1999 Mercedes, they took out six mailboxes, sending at least one into the back window of a parked car, before they crossed a street and wiped out.

Now, back to the bearded dragon lizard.

While being taken into custody, Rebello-McCarthy informed officers she was in possession of the animal.

“Where does one hold a Bearded Dragon Lizard while driving you ask? Answer: In their brassiere of course!!”

The lizard was handed over to an animal control officer, and “faces no charges at this time.”

Rebello-McCarthy was arrested for driving under the influence, driving to endanger, and a marked lane violation. Kyewalyanga was placed in protective custody, his gun later identified as an air soft replica.


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