NEW YORK (CBS4) – A woman says she was sickened by an octopus-like sludge found in a bottle of Vita Coco coconut water.

Barbara Kline wrote on social media that she become violently ill after unknowingly swallowing a piece of the slimy substance.

“When I took a big gulp, I swallowed a chunk of something,” she said. “It tasted very thick and syrupy. It was disgusting.”

A spokesperson for Vita Coco said they believe the object was mold and thinks it’s “highly unlikely” to pose a health risk.

Kline is reportedly planning to sue the company for her illness.

vita coco barbar kline Woman Finds Octopus Looking Mold Inside Her Coconut Water

(credit: Barbara Kline / Facebook)

The Goshen resident isn’t the only person to find a disgusting surprise in Vita Coco containers.

Several people have posted their sludge-filled bottles online over the last few years.

Kline reportedly won’t give the sample back to Vita Coco for testing because it’s her “only evidence” in the case.


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