DENVER (CBS4) – Apple is the first American company to top $800 billion in value, and there are rumors the company could soon add an office in downtown Denver.

map Apple To Add A Downtown Denver Office?

Business Den reports the tech giant is close to reaching a deal at the Dairy Block building, located at 18th and Wazee Street.

Apple Retail Store, Fifth Avenue (credit: Randy Yagi)

(credit: Randy Yagi)

Apple will reportedly take up 15,000 square feet of office space.

Last week, the company posted a job for an app engineer in Denver.

  1. Sam Inglese says:

    Please assist me in contacting the Apple corporation. My situation has not been resolved after 2 hours speaking to Help and being moved up to the level of Senior Advisor in Customer Relations. A while back Apple freely upgraded my computer to 10.12.4 . I have been working for years with the editing program Final Cut and over the years been given upgrades to this and other programs. I now have a MacOS. I have not edited anything for almost a year. Today I tried to open the program and my computer refused to even give me my old footage. Apple said I need to either give them $300 for the new program or return to my old computer. Now I have things on my new system that the old system might not accept. Apple says I either have to get my old computer back and work with both computers or give something up because each system has something that the other can’t read and they refuse to give me the new program. $300 might not be much to most, but because my medically uncontrollable Epileptic seizures have reached a level of severity and frequency to force me onto Disability, I am required to live on $925 a month or lose Medicair. My prescriptions are $450 a month. Seizures that have but me into a coma, or fractured my skull losing hearing and smell, or putting me in the hospital for a week for aspirated pneumonia have resulted in annual costs of over $75,000.00 a year. At $900 a month, $300 is a lot of money and Apple has blindly put me in a situation where I have to give up data to return to my old operating system to save my films and footage or buy a second computer. Because I can’t go to Goodwill and find out who they sold my old computer to and take it back. I spent 2 hours with Apple Help working all the way up the ladder to the Senior Advisor of Customer Relations to be told there was no help and that she could not move me up to the next level to speak to someone who could give me the program which you know would cost nothing. If they have to send it to me I can afford the cost of the disk, the box, and postage. If the $900 Billion corporation needs it. Thanks

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