By Wendy Holmes, CBS4 Program Director

(CBS4) – How are the Colorado competitors doing on Amazing Race 29 (Thursdays 9-10PM on CBS4)? Great!

Our three players from Colorado are still in the running for the $1 million grand prize that will be awarded on Thursday June 1, 9-10PM. In fact, they were at the top on the Thursday, April 27 show.

amazing race from colorado Amazing Race 29: An Update On The Colorado Competitors

Matt Ladley, Becca Droz, and Floyd Piece (L-R) (credit: CBS)

Leg 6 featured the teams running through Italy. When they got to Lake Como, one of the Detour choices was to climb 90 feet up a rock face. Since two of our three local players are rock climbers, they both completed this in record time.

Team Fun, which consists of Becca Droz & Floyd Pierce, came in 1st for Leg 6 and won a trip for two to Ushuaia, Argentina. This was the first time they’ve won a leg, although they’ve come in second twice.

Team “The Boys,” featuring Matt Ladley from Colorado, came in 2nd for Leg 6, the second week they’ve ended in the runner-up position.

May 4 features the teams in Venice, then next week, they’re on to Greece.


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