BUCARAMANGA, Colombia (CBS4) – A Colombian woman swallowed at least $7,000 U.S. dollars in a desperate act to try and hide it during a fight with her husband.

South American doctors had to remove the money through surgery. The 30-year-old woman swallowed entire rolls of $100 bills. She told local television that she had saved up the money for a vacation with her husband.

woman eats money Woman Swallows Thousands Of Bills During Fight With Husband

(credit: CBS/Reuters)

Doctors say they removed 57 $100 bills from the stomach and the intestines. The rest will pass through her body.

Director of Surgery at the University Hospital of Santander, Juan Paulo Serrano, said the fact the rolls were not wrapped in plastic or packaged suggests they were not part of any illegal transport but were ingested as an “act of desperation.”


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