DENVER (CBS4) – Did you get an email today with a random Google document attached to it?

If so, don’t open it. It’s likely associated with a widespread phishing attack.

There are a couple of ways to identify if an email you received is the Google Docs scam.

capture3 Warning: Google Docs Email Scam Hitting Colorado

First off, you likely won’t recognize the name of the sender.

Secondly, in the body of the email, it will say someone, likely the sender’s name as noted above, has “invited you to view the following document.”

Do not click on that link. It initiates the attack.

In addition to potentially not recognizing the sender, there’s another very obvious clue to this scam. The email will appear to be copied to

Several Denver area police agencies tweeted about receiving such an email and CBS4’s Chris Spears received it too, just before noon local time.


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