LEEDS, England (CBS4) – A senior dog was abandoned in a field, scared and in need of a home.

Now Tessa is up for adoption at the Dogs Trust in Leeds, England.

Lying in a wet bed, with a carrier and some food, the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance discovered the dog and a note from a “Scumbag.”

“The dog (Tessa) is 12 year old,” the note reads. “Is not my dog.”

According to an updated post, that’s apparently true, and Tessa’s owner left her with a neighbor when they moved to live in the United States. The man who dumped her, saying he “will not keep Tessa,” has since been identified.

In the note he left, he said that his “neighbor was happy thinking that Tessa is in good hand … But I don’t need a dog.”

Thankfully, now, Tessa can find a good home and get the tea, coffee, and watered milk that she enjoys.


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