DENVER (CBS4) – You may have seen the “10 Concerts” posts circulating on Facebook.

They’re titled “10 Concerts I’ve Been to, One is a Lie.”

As it goes, users list off nine concerts they’ve actually attended, add another that’s a lie, then ask friends to guess which is the fake.

While it may seem like fun, security experts warn that it could pose a threat to your security and online privacy.

“These ‘fun’ questions have a limited potential for revealing password usage,” Andrew Richards of Fraud Investigative Services, LLC tells CBS Pittsburgh. “Once a person is used to participating in these postings, the questions may become more targeted towards security type questions.”

Answering questions on quizzes like this, not only the “10 Concerts” one, can open yourself up to targeted adds.

gettyimages 630608172 Before You Answer Quizzes On Facebook, Security Experts Have A Warning

Facebook. (credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images)

“When these questions become more viral, users become less sensitive to what they open, and the scammers start adding viruses,” says Richards.

Richards explains that, “if a security question is asked, ‘What is your favorite pet’s name?’ you could answer TRex. It doesn’t matter, but it’s better than using real names.”


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