SYDNEY, Australia (CBS4) – The Taronga Western Plains Zoo recently welcomed a baby black rhino.

The new baby girl chases after mom Kufara, not wanting to leave her side.

“Both mother and calf are doing well,” the zoo posted on their site. “Kufara is very cautious and protective of her calf which is a natural behaviour for a first time mother.”

Baby, who has yet to be named, is the fourth calf born in the past 12 years at the zoo, weighing in at approximately 66 pounds.

She and mom currently remain behind-the-scenes as they continue to bond, but are expected to go on public display in late June.

Poaching remains a major threat to the survival of the black rhino, with only 4,200 still surviving in the wild.

“All five Rhino species remaining in the wild are under enormous pressure to survive. Every birth is critical and hopefully this calf further highlights the need to protect these remarkable species.”


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