By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4)– Some American Civil Liberties Union supporters find themselves in an awkward place – agreeing with the Denver Police Department. At least when it comes to the policy to not aid federal authorities arresting undocumented immigrants.

On Tuesday, ACLU members plan to meet with Denver Police Chief Robert White where they’re expected to praise his work and hope to build community support for the policy.

denver police badge generic ACLU, Police Agree On Denvers Sanctuary City Policy

(credit: CBS)

“You’re already doing a lot of these things that we as citizens are really in line with our values,” says ACLU supporter John Larson. “What’s on the books already looks promising and this is a way to cement community support.”

Denver police released a statement calling immigration enforcement beyond their legal scope: Immigration enforcement is handled at the federal level – not by local law enforcement.  The Denver Police Department has not participated in those enforcement efforts in the past and will not be involved in the future.

robert white ACLU, Police Agree On Denvers Sanctuary City Policy

Denver Police Chief Robert White (credit: CBS)

Under President Donald Trump, the Homeland Security Administration has expanded its deportation orders to include all undocumented residents with criminal convictions despite the level of the crime.

Under President Barack Obama the priority was violent offenders.

Trump has threatened to pull federal funding from cities who’s law enforcement are not ordered to aid federal authorities with deportations, declaring them “Sanctuary Cities.”

While some cities have adopted the moniker, Denver has not while still not obeying with the order.

Stan Bush is a general assignment reporter at CBS4. His stories can be seen on CBS4 News at 10. Read his bio and follow him on Twitter @StanBushTV.

Comments (2)
  1. Lakewood ED says:

    Huh. You’d think the police would be happy to be able to ship off miscreants out of their jurisdiction.

  2. Our police and officials have gone rouge, this does not make me feel very safe!! What part of ILLEGAL don’t you people get? What part of increased crime and murder from illegals don’t you get? What part of O’bama and his lax, criminal policies that have let in M16 and “refugee” terrorists don’t you get? We The People voted Pres. Trump in for a reason and THIS is the reason!! These poor innocent ILLEGALS GOTTA GO! Let them enter into the USA LEGALLY like good people do! I have a girlfriend who’s husband is Portuguese, she’s been trying for years to get him into the country, this is totally UNFAIR to people like them!!

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