DENVER (CBS4) – Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth says Trevor Siemian is “head and shoulders” above Paxton Lynch at the quarterback position.

“He’s head and shoulders above Paxton Lynch in the development; where he is right now,” Schlereth said on Xfinity Monday Live. “Unless he’s injured, I think he’s earned the respect of his teammates, he’s played hurt, he’s shown he’s got that skill set — 18 touchdowns versus 10 interceptions. He played three or four games that he probably shouldn’t have even suited up for.”

xml clean fee678d Schlereth On Broncos QBs: Its Trevor Siemians Job Going Forward

Mark Schlereth with CBS4’s Michael Spencer on Xfinity Monday Live (credit: CBS)

Schlereth believes it’s Siemian’s job to lose.

“I think the teammates will be for him and the locker room will be for him … unless Paxton Lynch does something just incredible, or if Trevor Siemian can’t answer the bell because he’s hurt. This is Trevor Siemian’s job going forward,” he said.

paxton lynch trevor siemian Schlereth On Broncos QBs: Its Trevor Siemians Job Going Forward

Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch (credit: CBS)

He thinks because Siemian was a seventh-round pick and Lynch was a first-round pick, it will come into play because they’re going to get the same amount of reps.

“That’s what (head coach) Vance Joseph is telling us right now. Just because you’re getting 50-50 (reps) doesn’t mean it’s going to be an equal competition. You’re going to have to produce.

“If you play well — if it merits you playing, you’re the guy who’s going to play regardless of where you were drafted.”

The NFL draft is coming up next week and the Broncos definitely need help on the offensive line and tight end. Schlereth sees Denver both moving up or down in the draft, but ultimately believes they will keep their No. 20 pick.

“I think they’re going to get somebody (a tight end) in the middle of the field who can essentially tie up safeties to open up the edges for their wide receivers.”

Schlereth believes the Broncos will most likely address the offensive line in the second round of the draft.


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