HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (CBS4) – The Animal Adventure Park is updating everyone on April’s hurt leg.

A lot of people noticed Monday that she was favoring one leg, which led to the park announcing it’ll end its live camera feed soon because all of the messages are getting in the way of making sure the park can open on time.

Monday night, though, the made the time to give us an update so many wanted: “April has recovered great from the birth. … And we have no reason for concern and are happy with progress.”

Her baby boy is doing wonderfully, too, continuing to grow stronger.

“We experienced a 1-1 1/2 bl weight gain over night,” the park posted to Facebook. “He is quite spunky and independent; perhaps he takes after his father. He also has his inquisitive and friendly moments of engaging keepers with genuine nature of his mother. We are smitten.”

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