NEW YORK (CBS4) – April the Giraffe’s baby boy is nursing well after his first day outside the womb.

April’s veterinarian and handlers at the Animal Adventure Park got their first “hands-on” time with the tyke Sunday morning. He measures 5-feet-9 and 129 pounds. Staff noted his expected first-day weight loss but they are confident he weight will rebound as his hearty nursing continues.

“Baby checks out just perfect!” staff wrote in their morning update.

April, too, shows signs of a healthy recovery. Her appetite is what you’d expect of a nursing mother with a large, um, infant.

The park announced Saturday a fundraising campaign to name the newest member of its park:

Comments (3)
  1. Rosie Rankin says:

    When is the dad allowed in to see the calf?an do they help with the baby???plz answer as ive been asking since yesterday

  2. I read on the zoo’s site from the information being posted before she had the calf and they said that no, the fathers don’t help raising the babies. They pretty much only care about fighting for mates, being macho and mating. (just like human males. lol jk)

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