NOTTINGHAM, N.H. (CBS4) – One of the strangest new ways to exercise? Yoga with baby goats.


At Jenness Farm in New Hampshire, you can combine your downward dog with some love for baby goats.

“Done yoga a few times but it was nothing like this,” one man said.

Why not? After all, what’s a more natural combination than goats and yoga?

New Hampshire isn’t the only place this is happening, either.

According to CBS in Portland, Maine, it’s catching on across the country, and farm owners are now scrambling to keep up with it as classes are filling up fast.

Farm owner Peter Corriveau says that they started their classes just over a week ago and they’re already booked until June.

“I left last week and my face was sore from smiling so much,” Janine Bibeau said.

Just be careful, though, if you go from child’s pose with a goat on your back. The cute critter might tumble off and need some snuggles.

But, then, that’s part of the fun that goes along with it – back massages and snuggles.


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