DENVER (CBS4) – After a rocky start, the Denver Zoo’s baby giraffe sensation Dobby “is doing great.”

Dobby was born Feb. 28, instantly becoming a sensation due to all of the hype around April the giraffe in New York.

dobby the giraffe 3 Denver Zoo Says Dobby Is Doing Great!

(credit: CBS)

Six weeks later, Dobby is one of the most popular animals at the Denver Zoo, with crowds gathering at the railing to catch a glimpse of him.

dobby the giraffe 7 Denver Zoo Says Dobby Is Doing Great!

(credit: CBS)

Initially Dobby unable to stand and nurse, so he needed a little extra TLC from zoo staff.

Since then, he has gained nearly 100 pounds and grown almost a foot, currently tipping the scales at 161 pounds and standing over 6-feet-tall, and he loves to race around the yard.

dobby the giraffe 2 Denver Zoo Says Dobby Is Doing Great!

(credit: CBS)

dobby the giraffe 5 Denver Zoo Says Dobby Is Doing Great!

(credit: CBS)

“His keepers say he has a very sweet, easy going disposition and figured out his routine quickly.”

The zoo says that Dobby is a typical young giraffe, and that “you would never know that he had any health problems early on.”

Dobby is beginning to take on solid foods, like alfalfa, but also still nurses from his mom.

“He will likely start eating solids regularly when he is 2-3 months old, but will also nurse for as long as his mother will let him, which could be about a full year.”

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