DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Zoo’s red panda cubs, Lali and Masu, are heading off to new homes.

“Two of Denver Zoo’s most talked about animals of 2016, our red panda cubs, Lali and Masu, will be leaving to new homes later this month,” the zoo posted to Facebook.

Lali and Masu were born last June to parents Faith and Hamlet, who will remain at the Denver Zoo.

The pair will be moved to zoos in Decatur, Ill. and Norfolk, Va. by the end of April, although the exact dates have yet to be determined.

“The move is being made under recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium Species Survival Plan, which ensures healthy populations and genetic diversity among zoo animals.”

To send the pair off properly, the Denver Zoo will host a going away party on Friday, April 14, with added enrichment for the cubs, which could include extra treats and toys.

A goodbye card for guests to sign will be available.

Red pandas are native to Asia, and are classified as endangered.


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