RICHARDSON, Texas (CBS4) – A Dallas lawn care startup is working with some cutting-edge technology.

Robin has already installed 50 robotic lawnmowers in Texas, with plans to roll out up to 100 more every month.

“Robots are cool! People love them,” Co-Founder and VP of Operations Bart Lomont told CBS DFW.

What it really comes down to, though, is convenience.

“I don’t have to worry about it. It’s going to do the job on its own. That’s huge,” said Patrick McGregor, one of Robin’s newest customers.

Like a Roomba vacuum, Robins move in a random pattern across the lawn, picking up on a wire fence that goes around the property so it can navigate.

“When the robot is approaching your flower beds or the street, it knows it’s coming close to the wire, so it won’t run into the street,” Lamont said.

robin lawn care Robots Taking Over The Job Of Mowing Lawns

(credit: Robin Lawn Care / Facebook)

GPS stickers and trackers have curbed the problem of theft, as they’re a good deterrent for thieves.

McGregor says the price is about the same as what he paid for traditional lawn care service.

Robin plans start at about $99 per month for the mower only, with additional fees for installation and any work, like edging and weeding, that would need to be done by a person.



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