DENVER (CBS4)– More than a dozen employees with Denver Public Schools had their paychecks diverted from their direct deposit accounts.

The school district was made aware of the theft on Monday when an employee reported that their monthly paycheck had not been deposited into their account.

DPS launched an internal investigation and found that direct deposit information for 25 employees had been changed. Some had changed it on purpose but 14 others had not changed their accounts.

There is more than $40,000 unaccounted for.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, DPS Safety and other technical experts are investigating the situation.

“Despite our best efforts to educate our team, to set up firewalls, sometimes the phishing email gets through,” said DPS spokesman Will Jones.

A similar situation took place at DPS two years ago and the district hired a third-party cyber security expert for guidance. DPS says they also submitted a claim with its insurance carrier and was reimbursed for the losses.

DPS will follow a similar protocol in this case.


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